My pre-university college(we spend about two years there after high school) recently held its bi annual reunion. I didn’t even know we were supposed to have one. We were a one floored college after all and being the first batch also adds up to my surprise on hearing about the invitation. And it had been just a year of us graduating. But what stood up to my expectations were the invitations. A casual text message, very easy to misplace (considering how bad the electronic traffic is) was all that there was. And of course, the big, very reliable, the word of mouth. Most of us, like me who have tried our level best to forget those two years of our lives, erase it blank if we could, weren’t exactly going to receive any news through those channels. But the day did come nevertheless, but the people didn’t. When I reached there, I observed a strange yet absolutely discernible phenomenon which left me to think about a singular way of working of this world.  It was strange yet sad. Now before you think I ended finding somebody dead at my reunion, let me present you the details. The reunion was scheduled on such a day that a majority of the attendees would have felt it inconvenient. The scheduling was done by the event organizers  which would just turn out to be our own teachers (I do have to remind you again, we were a one floored college).Now you may question, who were the majority here? And if a large number, out of a group find a decision unsuccessful then why would somebody go ahead with it?

This question has many world equivalents. Have we not seen a wide variety of cases, wherein the majority is often suppressed to cater to an underprivileged and supposedly languishing minority? Now in these theories it is often blasphemous to generalise. But it is safe to conclude that it is a recurring phenomenon and often hardly mentioned, as attempting to side with the majority rather than the minority is considered not a righteous thing to do. Coming back to my question in my story, the majority outweighed the minority by huge proportions. The majority of students at my reunion were people who weren’t geniuses. Yes, not smart or bookworms or intellectual. Just non- geniuses (in the sciences field though). We were the students who didn’t have the mental capability or aptitude to make it to the premier institutes in our country. We were the ones who worked hard day and night because we were forced to be something we could never be. And they were the students who were the peak line. They did everything right and we, everything wrong. And they were only 1% of the total class strength.

The reunion was scheduled so that the top 1% of these students who had their semester holidays during this time could make it. Since we worked on a different schedule, almost the entire majority had an important test lined up the next day. The organisers knew that. But they chose to ignore it for the only reason that the students, the brilliant ones, the ones who had made this institute proud and famous could meet their classmates who secretly resented them and their teachers, who obviously loved and adored them. Now I may say I am assuming half the data here, but I can’t really provide hard facts because I have never been one of them.   I still think that half the students didn’t turn up just to avoid the stigma that they will face because a lot of them proved what their teachers told them during their entire term. That they will never be good enough.  And that little notion pushed a vast majority into some dark corners of brooding and drooping self esteem. The geniuses, yes they may have worked really hard for this and may have felt hopeless sometimes too, but they already got their rewards. We having tried just as much, we are still waiting for ours.

                         Image“You may be good, but you will never be good enough.”       


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