In sickness or in health

As I lay here sick, the sense of hopelessness is overwhelming. I know I am not dying, that it is just a case of common cold, but it sure feels like it. It feels so uncomfortable and prolonged, you start to forget what normal health feels like. The worst time when you are sick is in the night. Night brings along with it an ominous air, the sense of despair intensifies and you finally understand why in colourful poems night is usually linked with dark, depressed and terrorized feelings.
Yes the best remedy is rest and lots of it, but when that quiet thought at the back of your head, the one which reminds you of a deadline or an incomplete task becomes a full blown nightmare, sleep and peace are thrown out question.
In today’s world, humans aren’t allowed to be sick. The tortuous experience of common cold is considered passable. My cousin who recently joined a software company which started with an 8 month training program provided her with one day sick leave. One day! I mean, gettin sick is the body’s way of telling you to slow down, take a break.But in this century, there is no time for breaks.I worry about those people without iron bound immune systems. They have a risk of losing almost anything from money, deadlines to attendance and careers. As I lay here sick, I can’t decide whether I am better off waking up sick or in better health.


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