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Weddings-is it time to leave them behind?

I hate weddings. I really do. It’s a tiring three day affair with intricacies almost similar to building a super computer. What’s more ironic is, it is supposed to be a celebration. But it just ends up being three days of ancient rituals, gossipy guests and nervous laughter. Our customs require a very vast and completely inapplicable rituals started from the days of dinosaurs. As we evolved over civilizations we simply forgot to change them accordingly for everybody thought it would remind them about an era gone by. But my opinion remains that let bygone be bygone. They are useless, impractical and even this sentiment does not work anymore because a lot of to be married couples have no idea what is going on. One ceremony sets into motion multiple incidents varying over several generations and families. And mind you, they aren’t always frolic. Maybe I’ve just been to all the wrong ones, but from my stand point of view, the evidence suggests wise.


“A single decision can set in motion a flurry of events, unanticipated and inevitable.”


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