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Change is the only Constant

All this while I’ve been posting only mild and subtle articles. Stories that stir our inner demons are very rare and yet very fascinating to read. Why the sudden change? I just realized that in a world of ruthless competition, nobody wants the safe player. They want the good, the bad and the ugly. Even though it is a  disgusting way for a civilization to cultivate, sadly it is an inevitable phenomenon.

Certain scientists are convinced that we have reached the pinnacle of our evolution already. And that the only way for us to go is down. Now considering how I see the changes in my surroundings, I can’t help but to agree.

First comes the issue about morality. It is a dog eat dog world now. This change can be seen everywhere from everyday public transport proceedings to corporate espionage.The good old, do what is right is a lost advice since the definition of what is right has been marred beyond recognition. Considering a hypothetical scenario, a lot of us would rather lie our way through work or school leave grants rather than the honest truth. Why? The fear of being subjected to a rejection due to a simple reason that you wanted to spend a day with your grandmother, or party with your  childhood friends is considered objectionable. Moral values are reduced to just an optional subject in the school curriculum. Well science and ethics are right this time then.

Trust is deep rooted. I do not mean the twisted definitions of trust invented by hassled lovers or teenage drama queens. Trust is a virtue that all species of a family depend on. When you buy a car, after all the paper work and the payments, even with the warranty and the guarantee, you simply trust that it will work. But in the world of extreme dysfunctional families and ego ridden relationships, trust is a lost emotion. When a friendly gentlemen stops his vehicle and offers you a  ride, our first reaction would be a no. He could be a murderer, a rapist, a psychopath for all we know! When a civilization cannot work in harmony, it will cripple. History has proved us that time and again, and history does repeat itself always.


The Lord of Dreams

J.R.R Tolkien was a man of many talents. He was not only a great writer, he was an artistic painter, a professor at Oxford and one of the closest friends of the author of Chronicals of Narnia, C.S.Lewis. This relationship reflects subtly  in the writings of both these. acclaimed authors.


A great work by Tolkien himself, depicting the city of elves Rivendell, an imaginary fraction from the book, Lord of the Rings.

Being Busy

Do yo think organizing anything is easy? No sir!

For the past few days all I’ve been doing is taking up calls, rethinking all my decisions, reviewing every detail and trying to keep those worst case scenarios out of my head. Everything depends on the end result, but what happens behind the curtains is what anybody should actually think about. A little peek and all you will see is chaos and anarchy. But according to me, the saddest part is when the event is over, the void left in your life is a bit unbearable. But after all the work, I just realized that I am a ‘busy junkie’. Maybe it’s a serious condition. But unfortunately, I am too busy to notice.


"The chaos behind simplicity usually remains unnoticed"

“The chaos behind simplicity usually remains unnoticed”


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