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The warriors of tomorrow

To my immense pleasure, I have found evidence that the world does not just harbour only ignorant literates(ah the oxymoron) or denigrating illiterates, but there are few, as low in number as it may be, an arcane group of people who do worry about our degenerating existence and what is to become of it. The evidence is not glaring enough, but if one does look keenly,with desperation of similar company being the driving force, these people thrive everywhere with voices too meek but thoughts disparagingly loud. if you are one of those, with a conscience clearer than whether to send that request or to accept that gift,if you believe that mankind is on a downward slope of destruction and will continue so until people attain the sense of being involved in or realise the work of something bigger than themselves and their shrewd little problems, then to you, to you I lay my sword and give you my hand for we shall fight as friends and then the darkness shall fall.


“In the courtroom of conscience, there’s always a case in progress.”
                          -Dutch proverb


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