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Bits and Pieces

Sometime ago, my partner suddenly remarked that I had used the word “exactly” very similarly to a mutual friend of ours. She is a work friend and we have spent considerable amount of time together. We are debaters, which implies that deep, intelligent sound talk is our daily supper, we revel in it and we consume a lot of time talking. What struck me about this observation is that I have heard similar ones, so many times before. And I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I realised that I was an organic, living sponge, soaking in the idiosyncrasies of the people surrounding me. I have an innate capability of absorbing the personalities and capabilities of everyone around me. I do so in bits and pieces. A piece borrowed from here, a bit from there. Fragments of the whole. 

But if I am all but fragments of someone else, as much as an unique combination as it may be, I am beginning to wonder, who am I? If I sift through all the contamination, the interfering and absorbed qualities, which are the ones that I have held truly from the beginning, which are the ones can I truly call, my own? 

Maybe I am everybody and everybody is me.


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